A Look At Makita's New 12 LED 18V Work Light

A Look At Makita's New 12 LED 18V Work Light

Chris   May 31, 2012  
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makita LXLM03 flashlight

Oh great another cordless LED work light. And when I say oh great, I mean it in the good way. Oh Great!!! Having enough light while working is a must, so I am always happy to see new and better lights coming out. The New 18-volt Makita LXLM03 12 LED work light (flashlight) is looking like a nice step in the right direction.

Jobs that require portability require portable work lights, but having a cordless light is not enough. It has to be able to put the light where you want it. The LXLM03 looks like it does a good job of this. It has a head that folds up and down with 7 position stops, and can rotate to the left and right offering plenty of lighting angles. Makita's battery offers a flat bottom for the light to stand on, but it can just as easily rest on its side. If you need light higher up, Makita built in a metal hook that swivels 360 degrees and folds out of the way. The light comes with two lighting modes, one using all 12 LEDs and one using 6 LEDs. With all 12 LEDs ON, the light produces 240 lumens and can run continuously for up to 9 hours. With 6 LEDs ON, you get half the light (120 lumens) but get up to 22 hours of runtime.

The Internet has the Makita LXLM03 price listed for around $54 (tool only), and we all know the Internet never lies. Note: This light is not listed on many sites, so it might not be available yet.

LXLM03 Flashlight - Makita

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