Makita Circular Saw Cordless Dust Extraction Mod

Makita Circular Saw Cordless Dust Extraction Mod
Chris   April 29, 2013  
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Makita circular saw cordless dust extraction mod

A year or two ago I was given a Makita BCL180ZW 18-volt cordless vacuum cleaner, which I normally use around the house for small clean-ups. The other day I glanced over at it and a thought popped into my head—"I wonder if that will fit onto my circular saw?" Only one way to find out.

The saw I was thinking of using was my Makita 5007MG magnesium saw with the EurekaZone dust connection mods attached. After a quick measure I found that the EZ exhaust port was the exact same size as the port on the Makita vacuum; it was like it was meant to be. All I needed was a piece of pipe to connect the two, but this is where I ran into problems. I didn't have anything that was the right diameter. My only option at this point was to use the small crevice attachment to adjoin the two. It would work, but not well. The narrow opening at one end would significantly reduce the air flow and this would be compounded by the fact that I had to use it backwards.

So does this cordless dust collecting contraption work? Watch the video and judge for yourself. It doesn't seem very practical to attach a 2.7-pound cordless vacuum to the end of a circular saw. It makes the saw heavy and unbalanced. So why do it? Because I wanted to see if it could be done. If I can ever find a piece of pipe that is the right diameter to fit into the two, I will probably test it out again and see how much it improves.

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