Ideal Industries Introduces Line Of Professional-Grade Drill Bits

Ideal Industries Introduces Line Of Professional-Grade Drill Bits

Chris   February 12, 2014  
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Ideal is probably not the first company you think of when you think about drill bits, but they are looking to change all that with the introduction of their new line of professional grade drill bits. Catering to their core audience of electricians and technicians, Ideal sought to improve the drill bits these contractors use most.


Power-Spade Bits

These spade bits feature a self-feeding tip that Ideal says requires 50% less force from the user to achieve faster cuts than the leading competition. They also delivers a smother vibration-free drilling experience.


Tri-Bore Hole Saw

The Tri-Bore is their new multi-purpose hole saw that features a set of three Tungsten Carbide teeth that they say deliver faster cuts through everything from plaster, to ceiling tiles. Even nails are no match.


Quick Change Step Drill Bits

These double-fluted step drill bits feature a ¼-inch hex shank for quick changes to and from other bits. An aggressive split-point tip prevents skidding across the surface and eliminates the need for pilot holes. Each 1/16 in. multi-diameter step is radius-blended to smoothly transition from one step to next.


TKO Hole Cutters

Ideal says their TKO Hole Cutters deliver clean and accurate cuts into sheet metal, as required for electrical, HVAC and maintenance work. With carbide teeth and a built-in depth stop, they say they are a better alternative to knockouts or bi-metal holes saws.

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