Rockler B&M sale tomorrow.

Rockler B&M sale tomorrow. Hot

Chris   March 06, 2008  
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My local Rockler is having a big sale all day tomorrow. 10% off all Power tools, and 25% off any one non-power tool item, plus giveaways. Now one of my hobbies I just started is BBQing aka Smoking, not to be confused with grilling. They are completely different. BBQ = low heat, Grilling = high heat.

Anyways; my cookshack electric smoker sits kind of low to the ground, and I have been looking for a way to raise it up. The manufacture does make a stand for it, but it doesn't have any table space built in. I was looking at the Rockler mailer today, and I think I found just what I need. They have a shop stand kit that I can make work quite easily.

I think the best part about it is that you can add drawers, and doors without much work; something I also would like. Now the question is, what do I use for the top?



Ohh I almost forgot. Tomorrow if you buy the legs, and 2 sets of side spreaders, you get free locking casters.

I will be there tomorrow to check everything out. You local store might be having a sale too, be sure to check on their website.

Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand
Add an inexpensive, heavy-duty work stand to your shop with this Rockler exclusive! Our innovative, universal design lets you build up to 15 different sizes of shop stands.

Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand

Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand

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