Lots of Deals This Thanksgiving Weekend

Lots of Deals This Thanksgiving Weekend

Chris   November 25, 2008  
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If you didn't know, because of the holiday weekend, just about every store in the US is having a sale. If you are one of the brave, you might be willing to wake up extra early Friday morning to get the best deals before they are sold out. I am not one of those people, and happen to enjoy the extra hours of sleep. That doesn't mean I won't be out on Saturday trying to snag a deal.

Here are a few places that are having weekend sales.

Rockler Stores - If you have a Rockler in your area, you defiantly want to be on their mailing list. They are having a 3-day sale this weekend, but they also offer sales throughout the year. Find a Rockler Store near you.

Duluth Trading - Is offering free shipping ending 12/1/08. Use coupon code T28WE48P

Amazon - Is offering Black Friday Deals starting today. Be sure to check back throughout the day, as some of the deals will expire.

Amazon Customers Vote is back for 2008 and voting has already begun! Customers Vote is a special end-of-year promotion where you can vote for the deal you'd like to buy at an amazing discount.

Also your local big box stores will be sure to have some great deals.

Happy Shopping