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Little Giant Alta One Model 22 $219 From Woot

Little Giant Alta One Model 22 $219 From Woot Hot
Chris   August 02, 2012  
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Little Giant Alta One Model 22 $219 From Woot

Little Giant Ladder commercials have been on TV for what seems like forever and have featured some of the big names in home improvement TV. There have been a number of different models that have come out over the years and they are all pretty well received buy users. If you have ever shopped around for a Little Giant Ladder you might have noticed that the prices are all pretty even from store to store, so finding a good deal can be hard. When we do find a sale we take notice. has the Little Giant Alta One Model 22 marked down from a regular price of between $260-$270 to $219. What sets the Little Giant apart from typial ladders is its ability to transform to fit your needs. It can be an A-frame one day and a straight ladder the next. It is listed as having a total of 33 configurations. The Alta One Model 22 is rated to 250 lbs and has a maximum length of 22-feet. It is also made in the USA. Woot also has other Little Giant accessories on sale, and some say they work with other similar ladders.

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