Limited Time HomeDepot PRO Sale Delivers Big Savings

Limited Time HomeDepot PRO Sale Delivers Big Savings

Chris   May 20, 2014  
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If you are subscribed to the HomeDepot PRO newsletter you are probably used to them sending you a lot a mail with hardly any value in them; but every once in a great while they have a coupon or sale in them that makes it all worth it. Yesterday's email was one of the rare gems, announcing an online sale on select Milwaukee Tools, Ridgid tools, Pnuematic compressors and nailers, and more.

HomeDepotPRO Sale

And this isn't just a regular sale, the saving on some of the items is big. An 18-Volt Milwaukee Hammer Drill/Driver, for example, is a good $70 less than other online stores. So if you are looking to score some deals on some tools Clicky Here, but hurry, the sale ends on May 21 2014.

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