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Chris   June 28, 2013  
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lee valley free shipping

Why is a Lee Valley free shipping promotion a big deal? Because, despite their nice selection of woodworking tools and small gadgets & gizmos, nobody wants to have to pay for shipping. Usually when I am buying from Lee Valley, it is not something I need right away, so I wait until their free shipping promotion and save.

Like many online stores, their shipping price is based on how much you spend. During this promotion you can save upwards of 10%, just because of the free shipping. During one of their previous free shipping promotions I was able to pick up some cabinet hardware that I needed. I ended up with about $100 worth of hardware, and ended up saving $9.95 in shipping costs.

As far as I know Lee Valley doesn't have an affiliate program, so Tool-Rank doesn't get a percentage of sales. I am just sharing this deal because I have benefited from it myself. The free shipping promotion ends on July 8, 2013; visit Lee Valley for information on restrictions.

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