Hot Deal: Bosch DareDevil 6-Piece Set On Sale For $10

Hot Deal: Bosch DareDevil 6-Piece Set On Sale For $10
Chris   April 21, 2014  
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Bosch DareDevil 6-piece

Amazon has one of my favorite drill bit sets on sale for less than $10, the Bosch 6-piece DareDevil spade bit set. Bosch's DareDevil spade bits were one of my first reviews back in 2008, and guess what, I still like them. They were even given the prestigious Tool-Rank Pick award, which has only been given out 10 other times.

You can head over to my review to see why I like them, but in short, they drill fast and make clean cuts through wood with little effort needed from the end-user. Because they are self-feeding they do most of the work for you, you just have to pull the trigger. The only down side to these bits is that they don't work well on plastic laminate, something I regularly come across. BUY - Amazon

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