Hot Deal: 20% Off Select Pennington Grass Seed At Lowe’s

Hot Deal: 20% Off Select Pennington Grass Seed At Lowe’s
Chris   September 09, 2014  
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Pennington Grass 20% Off Sale

It is getting to be that time of the year again, the time when it is best to plant your grass seed. Not too hot that your freshly seeded grass will have a hard time growing, and not too cold that your grass will go dormant and not grow at all. Knowing that it is grass growing season, Lowe’s has a selection of Pennington Smart Seed on sale for 20% off for this week.

According to Pennington, their Smart Seed line is a drought-resistant variety that saves up to 30% of water per year versus ordinary grass seed. It features their Penkote technology, something that improves seedling success and ensures plant growth. Something called MYCO Advantage replenishes beneficial microorganisms, which they say helps grass grow deep, dense roots.

To be honest, I have no idea how Pennington’s technology and grass varieties compare with other brands on the market, but hey, it’s on sale. Sale ends 9/15/14 BUY – Lowe’s

UPDATE 10/2: The grass mentioned above as well as some other types are on sale again for 20% off. Offer ends 10/6/14. BUY - Lowe's 

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