Harbor Freight & Coupons

Harbor Freight & Coupons

Chris   March 15, 2012  
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Isn't Harbor Freight an amazing store? They have all of the small things that find myself needing and they are always at super low prices. Now, I never go into Harbor Freight expecting to get high quality tools that are anywhere close to contractor grade, but at their prices it is hard to complain about what you get. Harbor Freight is a good place to buy low-use tools. If you have a project that requires a mini grinder, but you don't plan on using it very much in the future, one of the Chinese brands will probably suit you just fine. If it breaks on you too soon, HF is pretty good at offering replacements.

As much as I like going to HF, I have a bit of love/hate relationship with them. I buy clamps, and low-use specialty hand tools from them, but I dislike the fact that I am also supporting China. Of course this has never stopped me from going into one of their stores. The fact is that I shop at HF for cheap stuff, and China is the place that makes it for me. While most of Harbor Freights offering are on the low end, sometimes we can find a gem. One of the tools that has held up well for me over the years is the Chicago grinder, and they are my go-to place for button cell batteries and f-style clamps. Did you know you can get Gorilla Glue and other USA made products there? A number of years ago I even purchased an original Vise-Grip clamp from HF and it cost less than any other place I had seen. One of the best things about Harbor Freight is that they always have sale and coupons. Currently they have a 20% off coupon, and their solar kit is down to $159.99.

Do you shop at Harbor Freight? If so, what gems have you found?

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