Crazy Hammer Deal From American Hammer

Crazy Hammer Deal From American Hammer

Chris   March 16, 2010  
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ToolGuyd Blog has news of a pretty darn good deal going on over at American Hammer. It turns out that the makers of American Hammers are not too happy with some of the price gouging that has been going on with their hammers from some of their retailers. The word is that some retailers feel the hammers are under-priced and have used this as an excuse to make a few extra bucks. American Hammer is not happy with what is going on and have decided to offer a direct sale to us simple folk.

This [promotional price] will serve as a wake up call to those suppliers who feel our hammers are just too good to be priced so low for the average tool buyer and forcing them to buy cheap imports. – Ted Leitter

Now until the end of March American Hammer will sell you any brass, bronze, or copper hammer under 2 lbs for only $25 shipped. This is a great deal considering these same hammers are listed on Amazon for between $40 - $70. You must be thinking that there must be a catch, well there is. American Hammer is asking that in exchange for such a good deal, you write an honest review about their hammers somewhere online. Isn't it handy that Tool-Rank has a place already set up for hammer reviews? When you are ready to order, send over your request via their contact form, and have your Paypal information ready.

[:cicn:] American Hammer via ToolGuyd