3M Hard Hat Lets You Know When It Expires—Get Yours Free

3M Hard Hat Lets You Know When It Expires—Get Yours Free
Chris   August 21, 2013  
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3M Hard Hat H-801V-UV

Most people might not be aware of this, but hard hats expire. The expiration date varies by manufacturer, and it also varies depending on your working conditions, but most manufactures recommend you replace your hard hat every five years. But do you remember the year you purchased your hard hat, because I don't. Thankfully 3M has come out with a hard hat that lets you know when it is time to be replaced—and you can get one for FREE.

The 3M H-700 (cap style) and H-800 (full brim) Series Hard Hats offer a Uvicator Sensor option that sits on the top-front of the hard hat and changes from red to white over time. When it finally does turn completely white, its expiration has come.

There are several other options available in the series that can tailor the hard hat to your needs. A vented version would be useful in hot climates, while an option with extra reflectors would come in hard for night work. If comfort is paramount, you might want to upgrade to the 6-point suspension.

So how do you get one of these for free? Simple, just fill out the form at the link provided below. I assume this will be a limited time offering, and some restrictions do apply. No personal email address are allowed, so I would suggest using your company email address. These hat are intended for industrial workplace safety and 3M will likely be screening entries for legitimacy.

Free Hard Hat Form - 3M

If you miss the deal or do not qualify, you can purchase the model of your choice for between $11 and $21. BUY – 3M

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