20% Off Akro-Mils Storage Bins And 15% Off Shelving Units

20% Off Akro-Mils Storage Bins And 15% Off Shelving Units

Chris   October 09, 2012  
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Akro-Mils sale

If you are in serious need of getting organized, Amazon has some serious organizing storage bins and shelving units on sale for the month of October, and they are made in the USA.

Amazon is offering 20% off of a number of Akro-Mils stacking/hanging storage bins that come in a range of sizes and colors. These bins are super tuff and can withstand a 250-degree autoclave and can handle just about anything you can load into them. The small 5x4x3 bin has a load capacity of 10-pounds, while the larger 15x16x7 has a load rating of 75-pounds.

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One way to keep track of your storage bins is with an Akro-Mils Shelving Unit and Amazon again has us covered with a 15% off sale. These shelving units are not cheap but they are built to hold a lot of weight, they are powder-coated, and they should last a lifetime. Amazon has both empty shelving and shelving with storage bins included.

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