One charger to fit them all

One charger to fit them all

Chris   October 30, 2008  
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  What do you do, when you have more then one brand of cordless tools? Like most people, you probably have to carry around a charger for each brand. This can be a real pain, and take up a lot of  valuable space. In many cases, more tools = more trips to the truck.

This is where the 10C CREW multi-brand charger can save you time, which equals money. It can charge 4 batteries all from different manufacturers at the same time via special adapters (sold separately). It doesn't even matter if the battery types are different. It can tell the difference between Li-Ion, NiCd, and NiMh. It is compatible with most major brands, only with some of the newer Li-Ion types not yet having an adapter. But the company is in the process of getting the adapters certified. The 10C CREW can also detect bad batteries, and claims it "Revives up to 70% of batteries considered ready for recycling".

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