New Flipout Tantrum Cordless Screwdriver Fits Where Others Can't

New Flipout Tantrum Cordless Screwdriver Fits Where Others Can't
Chris   June 20, 2013  
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Flipout Tantrum

It is not always easy fitting your full sized drill/driver into tight spaces or in awkward positions, and that's what led Joel Townsan to invent a new compact driver that offers a total of 168 configurationsso you are sure find one that suits your task. After 9-years of R&D he has turned to Kickstarter to get his baby into production.

What makes the Flipout Tantrum different from your average right-angle driver is that its head pivots and rotates, and the nose of the driver also pivots. The two pivot points, plus rotation, gives the Tantrum a possible 168 configurations. A about 1-inch thick it is much smaller than most right-angle drivers and can fit into the tightest of spaces.

The Tantrum is powered by a 7.2-volt 900 mAh battery, and delivers 80 in. lbs of torque at 160 RPM. It looks to be about the size of some of the small 4v drivers, but it has more than double the torque. If you are willing to pledge $130 or more, you could be one of the few to get a first run of the Tantrum, complete with two batteries, a charger, bit assortment, LED attachment, and a carrying case.

Flipout Tantrum - Kickstarter

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