Minnesota Man Successfully 3D Prints Castle Out Of Concrete

Minnesota Man Successfully 3D Prints Castle Out Of Concrete
Chris   September 02, 2014  
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world first 3d printed concrete castle

Andrey Rudenko, an engineer in Minnesota, has successfully built a large scale castle using a custom designed 3D concrete printer, and that is just the beginning. He started experimenting with 3D printing concrete about 20 years ago and now the technology is here to make full-scale 3D home printing possible.

The 3D concrete printer Rudenko designed is very much similar to those found in maker-spaces and workshops around the world, just at a much bigger scale. The main difference with his printer is that it prints with concrete rather than a resin or plastic filament.

Once Rudenko had his machine dialed in and had come up with a custom concrete mixture that wouldn’t clog up his extruder, he was ready to put all is hard work and money to the test. His castle really shows off what his printer can accomplish—with the curved walls, arched doorways, and the fine details in the moldings. His next plan is to 3D print a full-scale house that he will then auction off as the first 3D printed house.

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