Festool Gives You Wings

Festool Gives You Wings
Chris   August 13, 2014  
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Festool CT Wings

Festool has a new tool accessory that at first sight looks like a gimmick, but it turns out it might be more useful than you think. The new Festool CT Wings is an add-on that turns your dust extractor into an expensive, but useful, third arm.

Attaching to the end of your dust extractor hose, the CT Wings use the powerful suction of your dust extractor to clamp themselves to walls, ceilings or other flat surfaces. Once suction-clamped in place, you can rotate the "wings" to help you hold materials in place. They could be useful when doing crown by yourself, but so are these crown hooks, which cost only a few bucks.

The CT Wings are not available just yet, but they are expected to be released in Europe next month for under $50.

What are your thoughts? I like how it can be moved around quickly, but the constant noise would annoy me.

Source: ThisIsCarpentry

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