An iPod dock for real men.

An iPod dock for real men.

Chris   April 19, 2008  
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 This isn't your average iPod dock, this bad boy has just about everything the man on the job needs. You wont being seeing these in the dorm rooms, or at some girly cafe.

Complete with AM/FM tuner, and Ipod dock, the specs also say it can play music from a USB flash stick or SD card. You will also notice the heavy duty roll cage and GFCI outlets. It also has 2 DC ports to plug in your phone or maybe XM?, and it has a 5 volt USB charger for, I guess your non-iPod MP3 players. If you thought that wasn't enough, it has a built in spotlight. I don't know why your radio needs a spotlight, but this one has it.

I wish there was a bit more info on the radio. Like is the dock dust sealed to protect your $200 iPod? Does it work with all iPods? I don't know. Check it out at SkyMall