Ford To Come Out With Line Of Tools

Ford To Come Out With Line Of Tools
Chris   October 14, 2014  
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Ford Tool Brand

K-Tools International has announced that they have been chosen to be the master distributor for the Ford Tools Brand in the United States and Canada. The first phase of Ford Tools is scheduled to launch on November 1, 2014, and will offer a wide range of automotive tools.

At launch K-Tools will introduce 58 Ford Tool Sets and also have hundreds of individual tools and components available, including sockets sets, screwdriver sets, plier sets, wrench sets, flashlights, worklights, multi-tools, tape measurers and other specialty tools. And over the next 12 months KTI is planning on expanding the line further.

So what are your thoughts on this? Are you Ford fans going to run out and buy a set of tools with a fancy Ford logo on them? If the quality is there, I wouldn’t mind owning a set. I tried to research the quality of KTI products, and surprise surprise, they get mixed reviews.

Thanks to Dana for sending in the tip.

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