Where Oh Where Is The DeWalt ToughSystem?

Where Oh Where Is The DeWalt ToughSystem?
Chris   October 04, 2011  
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DEWALT ToughSystem -- A Whole New Tough

dewalt toughsystemWhere oh where could it be?

The DeWalt ToughSystem was one of the products that really caught my eye back when DeWalt made their big product announcement in June. The system might not have anything new in terms of stackability compared to the Festool Systainers, or the Sortimo L-Boxx, but they had other features that, in my opinion, really put the ToughSystem boxes up a level. The other brands, as well as the DW ToughSystem, feature a lock-together stacking feature, but DeWalt was the first to engineer a transport system that did more then just carry boxes. The unique design of the ToughSystem carrier has the ability to carry both tools and jobsite materials at the same time. And the way the carrier suspends the boxes in air, should make it easier and faster to access lower level boxes.

I think the carrier is the real star of the system, but DeWalt also has a box that I think will be much stronger than the competition. While the other brands use a high strength plastic for their boxes, DeWalt chose to go with structural foam. This light weight material is pretty much indestructible under normal conditions, and is the same material Pelican uses for their cases.

All of the great features of the ToughSystem have many people interested in getting their hands on them, my Dad, my co-workers, and myself included. Unfortunately, getting them is a bit of a challenge. The boxes were supposed to be released back in July, but as of now, Amazon is the only place that has had them listed. I say had, because right now Amazon lists all but the large box as out of stock, and the large they have is listed, is 3 to 5 weeks out. I have tried to reach out to DeWalt Hand Tools to get information on availability or possible delays, but have yet to hear back from them. I also reached out to a major online tool store to see if they knew when they would be getting them in stock. They said they have "not yet received sell sheets, or product data set up sheets" fot the ToughSystem, so release does not appear to be "imminent".

So what happened to the ToughSystem? Why the delays, and why is Amazon selling them when the other stores are not? It was only last week when DeWalt added the ToughSystem to their own site and added a ToughSystem video to YouTube, so it does indeed appear that DeWalt is behind schedule.

Update: 10/11/2011

Below is a quote from DeWalt explaining why the ToughSystem is hard for some of us to find. Apart from user demand, the price of the cases seems to be preventing some stores from carrying them, or limiting the overall selection. I think the best thing about the ToughSystem, is the entire system. By selling only 1 of the boxes, you are really limiting the appeal of the product.

The Tough System has been distributed primarily through STAFDA in the early stages of the launch. It is unlikely that you will see the home centers carry these skus due to the price point and specific end-user.

We have definitely been selling them; however, it will take some time for all distributors to have them in inventory to meet the initial demand (including Amazon).

DeWalt ToughSystem
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