Large Cordless Combo Tool Cases: Hard Or Soft Sided?

Large Cordless Combo Tool Cases: Hard Or Soft Sided?

Chris   November 20, 2009  
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This topic comes from an email I was sent last night pointing out that Makita cordless combo cases in Germany are hard plastic unlike the soft luggage style cases we get here in the US. They are basically larger versions of the standard molded plastic case, with a specific place for every tool. There is no question that these larger molded cases offer greater protection for your tools, but are also pretty bulky and seem like they would be hard to carry around the jobsite.

I myself, am a fan of the luggage style case, though it is a bit ridiculous to take such a large bag to the jobsite. So why am I a fan? Because they work great as luggage for your clothes when you need to travel.

So what type of storage would you prefer for your large cordless combo kits with 4 tools or more? Hard molded case, soft sided luggage, or do you use some other 3rd party storage solution?