Is Fein Feeling The Heat?

Is Fein Feeling The Heat?

Chris   February 11, 2009  
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Since Bosch, Dremel, Rockwell, and and few other no name brands started making oscillating tools, do you think it has had an impact on Fein? If so, what should Fein do to stay competitive?

If it wasn't bad enough that everybody and their mother is now making an oscillating tool of some kind or another. Now that they have become affordable to the average user, everybody and their mother wants to own one. Not only that, but Rockwell has gone one step further and is trying to win in Fein's own territory, infomercials.

Head on over to Amazon and you can see a list of their top 100 bestsellers in any category (updated hourly). From the top 100 Power ToolsIs Fein Feeling The Heat? Category, the Rockwell SoniCrafter is #3 and #5 with 2 different kits, and the Fein MultiMaster is #10. Further down the list another Rockwell SoniCrafter is listed #60 the Bosch Max Multi-X is #82 and the Dremel Multi-Max #83. So Fein is going up against 5 other tools just in the top 100 alone, which also means they are all selling very well. With two of the Rockwell kits out selling the Fein MultiMaster. This doesn't mean that everyone buying the other brands would have bought the Fein if they didn't exist, but you know a number of them probably would have.