If You Love Your Sight – Safety Glasses Are Cool

If You Love Your Sight – Safety Glasses Are Cool

Chris   May 04, 2009  
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expo v trasition safety glassesIf you are doing any type of work with power or hand tools, one thing you should always be wearing is your safety glasses. But what about people that are working near you. They can just as easily send projectiles in your direction, as you can. So you really sould wear your safety glasses 100% of the time you are on a jobsite. The first thing I do on a job is put my safety glasses on, and for the most part I do not take them off until the workday is over.

The problem for most people is finding a pair of safety glasses that are comfortable enough to wear for 8 hours or more. For each person this is going to be different, and really depends on the shape of your head. Here are a couple examples of glasses that I really like.

Photochromic Safety Glasses EXPO V UV400. These are my go to glasses, and the only ones I will buy anymore. They are very comfortable, and I can easily go 8+ hours in a day wearing these. The best part about these glasses is that they transition from clear to dark when you go outside. When you go from the bright outdoors to the dark indoors, it takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust, but these glasses cut that adjustment time in half. The bad thing is that Amazon has stopped selling these, but you can find them at Duluth Trading.

Duluth Trading also has some very nice cheaters safety glasses. If your eyes are not what they used to be, these cheaters are just what you need to be able read your tape measure again. These are the same glasses my father uses.

You dont need expensive glasses to be safe, your local hardware store should have a good selection. Just try a few of them out until you find one that your like. Before I found the EXPO V glasses I used a pair of AO Safety Professional Safety Glasses.