Gloves, Not Just For Cold Weather

Gloves, Not Just For Cold Weather

Chris   May 08, 2009  
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Did you know May is national construction worker hand safety month? I didn't think so. I was planning on talking about the benefits of using gloves while on the job, when I read about hand safety month over at Toologics. They also list a number of interesting hand safety facts, like: a third of all injuries in the construction field happen to the hands, and 76% of those are cuts and abrasions.

Those stats indicate that a good number of those injuries probably could have been prevented buy wearing a good work glove. This is something I know first hand after a fluke cut on my thumb with a very sharp putty knife, which resulted in a trip to urgent care and 6 stitches. A work glove might not have prevented my injury entirely, but it probably would have reduced the cut size.

Of coarse there are some situations where you can not wear gloves, but it is a good idea to at least have a pair handy for every other instance. I recommend that everyone go out and buy a pair of work gloves, your hands will thank you. I like to use knit gloves with a rubber type coating, but I suggest you try some on and see what you like. Northern Safety has a huge selection of gloves for just about every task.

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