Drill-Powered Saw Cuts Square Holes In Seconds

Drill-Powered Saw Cuts Square Holes In Seconds
Chris   November 03, 2016  
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Drill-Powered Saw Cuts Square Holes In Seconds

Cutting out a square hole typically requires that you make four separate cuts—one for each side. What if I told you that there is a new tool called the Quadsaw that can cut all four sides at once, and the tool is powered by a regular cordless drill? Imagine how much time you could save.

The Quadsaw has been specifically designed to cut out perfectly sized square or rectangular holes in drywall to insert electrical boxes for wall outlets. The tool is powered by a regular drill so you don't have to spend more money on a specialty tool; since you probably already own a drill.

QUADSAW: The Square Hole Cutter

The Quadsaw has four blades that oscillate, which are pre-spaced to the exact size of electrical boxes. The side blade on the Quadsaw can be moved outward to change from cutting square holes to rectangle holes for 2-gang boxes. The set blade spacing, along with a height adjusting story pole, and a built-in level ensures that every cut is accurate and has a uniform height from the floor.

There is some bad news about this new tool, though, at least for those of us in the US. Since The Quadsaw is made by a company in the UK, it is sized to cut UK sized electrical boxes. Maybe with enough demand, they will expand their product line to include a model for the US. Those of you in the UK can pre-order a Quadsaw for £199.

Update: After talking with Quadsaw, I was informed that they are working on a US model, and that "If an order is being shipped to the USA it will go out with US sized blades."

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