New 8050 Micro 8V Max Rotary Tool From Dremel

New 8050 Micro 8V Max Rotary Tool From Dremel
Chris   July 31, 2014  
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Dremel 8050 Micro 8V Max

It looks like a new 8V Max Dremel is on its way onto store shelves.  The Dremel Micro 8050 Rotary Tool appears to be smaller than even the current 8V Max Dremel Rotary Tools, but still packs all the features we have come to expect and maybe even has some new ones.

Dremel says the smaller size of the 8050 Micro allows it to be held between your thumb and forefinger like a pencil, which gives the user more control and accuracy. The smaller internal 8V lithium-ion battery—with less weight at the back of the tool—should also aid in precision. Yes, unlike previous models, the Dremel 8050 has an internal battery, which is probably why they were able to make it smaller.

Like any cordless tool, I would be worried about how well it would do on large projects, however, the included Docking Station should help by charging the 8050 Micro every time you set it down. As small as it is, Dremel was still able to make it variable speed, include a fuel gauge and add on front LED task lights. Pre-Order - Amazon

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Dremel Micro 8050 Rotary Tool
Dremel 8050 Cordless Rotary Tool
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