DeWalt Introduces New Bluetooth Radio Adaptor

DeWalt Introduces New Bluetooth Radio Adaptor
Chris   May 22, 2014  
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DeWALT DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor

DeWalt is introducing a cool little adaptor that will let users turn any radio with an AUX input into a Bluetooth compatible radio that can be used with a Bluetooth enabled phone or media player. The DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor allows users to keep their media device safely in their pockets, and stream the music directly to the radio.

With new phones costing upwards of $500 new off contract, who wants to leave their phone sitting next to their radio where everyone has access to it? Or worse yet, what if it gets stolen? The DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor actually solves a problem that I have been looking to fix for the past few years. Now I can leave my media player locked in my DeWalt ToughSystem, and still be able to play my favorite Mozart classics over my cheap radio. I don't bring an expensive radio to work, because it too could grow legs.

With a 100ft range, you don't have to worry about walking away and losing a connection, and an onboard battery insures you never have to fiddle with batteries. The DCR002 uses a micro USB charging port, which is the most commonly used charging port in the world, so even if you don't have the USB cord on you, chances are a co-worker will. DeWalt says it can provide up to 8 hours of runtime, which just so happens to be the length of the average work day.

The DCR002 Bluetooth Radio Adaptor will be available this July for about $40, and will include a mounting dock, 2 adhesive mounting strips, a micro USB to USB charging cable, and a USB power adaptor.