DeWalt Introduces New 40V MAX 6-Pack Charging Station

DeWalt Introduces New 40V MAX 6-Pack Charging Station
Chris   October 27, 2016  
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DeWalt DCB116 6-pack charging station 40V max

The decision for landscapers to switch out their outdoor power equipment from gas to cordless electric just got a bit easier thanks to the new 40V MAX 6-Pack Charging Station from DeWalt, which has been specifically made for DeWalt's line of cordless outdoor power equipment.

Landscapers contemplating ditching all of their noisy gas outdoor power equipment for quieter cordless equivalents might be concerned with how they are going to manage all the batteries they are going to require and how they are going to charge them. DeWalt's solution to this problem is their new 40V Max 6-Pack Charging Station (DCB116).

The DeWalt 6-Pack Charging Station (DCB116) can sequentially charge up to six 40V Max batteries, starting with the closest battery to a full charge, then automatically moving on to the next fullest, and so on until they are all charged. It can charge a 6.0Ah battery in only 45 minutes, and a 7.5Ah battery in under an hour. In comparison, the standard charger takes 170 minutes to charge a 7.5Ah battery. Each battery compartment includes indicators showing the charging status: fully charged, charge in process, or waiting to be charged.

In addition to charging the batteries, the DeWalt 40V Max 6-Pack Charging Station acts as a portable storage solution for the batteries. With a water resistant cover, the charger can ride along with you and still be protected from the elements as well as any landscaping debris.

Unfortunately, the DeWalt Charging Station cannot handle charging while on the road, but maybe that is something an inverter can handle for you.

The DeWalt 40V Max 6-Pack Charging Station will be available in early 2017 and will retail for approximately $399 MSRP.

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DeWalt DCB116 40v max 6-pack charging station
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