DeWalt 20V Max To 18V Battery Adaptor Lets You Use New Batteries In Your Old Tools

DeWalt 20V Max To 18V Battery Adaptor Lets You Use New Batteries In Your Old Tools
Chris   September 16, 2015  
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DEWALT Launches 20V MAX Battery Adapter That Works with Most DEWALT 18V Tools

It will now be easier than ever for 18V DeWalt Cordless Tool users to find higher capacity batteries with lithium-ion technology, all thanks to DeWalt’s new DCA1820 20V to 18V battery adaptor. The new battery adaptor will allow most of DeWalt’s 18V Cordless Tools to function off of Lithium-ion battery’s from the newer DeWalt 20V Max system.

Back when DeWalt first came out with their 20V Max system, they promised their loyal users that they would continue to manufacture tools that use the older NiCd or NiMH batteries. Not only did this allow users with a stock pile of DeWalt batteries to continue on with their current system, it also allowed DeWalt to continue to sell the old system until users were ready to upgrade. But DeWalt can’t continue to manufacture the old pod-style tools forever, and this battery adaptor might just be their way of getting users to transition over to the 20V Max system a little faster.

Honestly, most contractor-grade tools will last a lifetime for even the above average user; only needing minor repairs along the way, like having to replace warn brushes or a trigger. I have found that the main reason users tend to upgrade their tools is to get the latest features offered in the newer tools. But, oftentimes it is the battery that determines when a user will upgrade, because they are one of the first things to wear out and they are also the most expensive to replace.

It was the batteries that kept 18V DeWalt users for years after the 20v Max system came out, and it is DeWalt’s hope that this time it will be their 20V Max batteries that will hold on to the same DeWalt users. Once a user has one battery in the system, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the system is upgraded to go along with it. And I think this is DeWalt’s plan. They needed a way to get old users to transition to the new system without jumping ship, and the new battery adaptor helps pave the way.

Even if users don’t plan to make the complete change to a 20V Max system, just having the 20V Max lithium-ion batteries in their 18V tools should offer some improvements. DeWalt’s Lithium-ion batteries offer a longer shelf life with virtually no self-discharge, making them ideal for the occasional user, and a capacity as high as 5.0Ah, ensures that runtimes will be longer than ever. The adaptor even works with the latest DeWalt Bluetooth batteries, which is where DeWalt’s future lies.

The DeWalt  DCA1820 20V Max Battery to 18V Tool Adaptor is available by itself for $39, or as a combo (DCA2203C) with two compact 20V Max DeWalt 2.0Ah batteries and a charger for $149. The Adaptor will be available this October online and in stores.

While the price of the adaptor isn’t too bad, I think it would be much smarter for DeWalt to just bundle them for Free with some of their 20V batteries. If the goal really is to get users to transition to the 20V Max system, the easiest way to get the battery into the users hand is to remove any extra cost. What is a loss of a few dollars for DeWalt, when they can secure the user as a future 20V Max purchaser? Like I said above, once they have one battery, it is easy to justify buying more tools in the system. First the DeWalt battery, then a DeWalt cordless LED light, then a… You get the point. - Amazon


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