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Wheels For Your Knees

Wheels For Your Knees Hot

Chris   March 06, 2009  
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If you spend your days moving around on the floor, then you know what a toll it takes on your knees. The problem isn't so much that you are on your knees all day, but that you have to get up and down to move around, or crawl on all fours. I have found 3 possible solutions that aim to solve the problems of moving around on the floor, and they range in price from $60 - $160.


The first is from Bucket Dolly Inc. called Rolling Knee Pads and costs just under $60. It features 8 heavy duty swivel casters on a single base with two contoured knee pads, and has a 300lb weight capacity.  Continued after the Read More


Next are the Knee Blades which cost around $90. These are two separate wheeled bases, and feature 3 wheels on each base. A knee pad is used to secure the base to you knees. The entire pad is made of gel material, and can easily be locked and unlocked from the roller base. The two piece system is said to provide better balance and more control of movement.


Last is the Racatac. It is the most expensive of the three at $150 and up. The Racatac allows you to work on both knees, but also keeps some of your body weight on a seat and off your heals. It is made of 1/8" aluminum, and has five 2" or 3" casters. It also has room on board for a tool tray, so your tools wont be left behind. Shop around for the best price.

All three options are probably a lot better then crawling around on your knees. I've been thinking about getting one of these for installing trim. Anything to make me more comfortable, and faster on the job is worth it. If you already use one of these wheeled knee pads, be sure to add a review.

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