Veritas Dust Extraction Shroud For Hand Planes

Veritas Dust Extraction Shroud For Hand Planes
Chris   April 01, 2012  
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There have been huge safety changes to power tools over these last few years by manufacturers, fueled by consumer demands to cut down on harmful dust particles. Manufacturers are coming out with great new dust extraction advancements each year, but the hand tool category has remained completely untouched. But that has all changed with the introduction of the Veritas hand plane dust extraction shroud.

Everything that is in the air has the potential of making its way into our lungs; that includes everything from the smallest of wood particles, to even large wood shavings. The Veritas No-Fuss-Tool Shroud (NFTS) adds an extra layer of protection to woodworkers who still enjoy working with hand tools but still want life saving dust extraction capabilities. The NFTS firmly attaches to your hand planes with 6 incredibly strong rare-earth magnets and provides unmatched hand tool dust extraction. Simply attach the shroud to your plane, hook up a vac, and you are good to go.

People that do a lot of stop and go planing even have the option of a wireless trigger, or you can purchase the complete Veritas Plane & Shroud kit w/ wireless trigger.

Veritas No-Fuss-Tool Shroud - LeeValley

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