Twist N Seal Caulk Saver Plug

Twist N Seal Caulk Saver Plug

Chris   May 19, 2009  
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caulk saver plug

How often do you actually finish a tube of caulking, adhesive, or can of spray foam in one day? I know I rarely do, especially if it is for a home project, or for a quick repair at work. So what do you do with that partially used tube? If you just let it sit, the tube will dry up. I am simple and use whatever I can find to plug the tube, like a screw or some masking tape. If this is a problem you have on a regular basis, you might want to check out the Twist-n-Seal caulk saver plug. The reusable plug will keep your caulking tube ready to go when you need it. If you are worried about the Twist-n-Seal plug falling out, don't, it has been tested to hold over 40 lbs of pull force when finger tightened on a caulking tube. You can get a pack of five for around 3 bucks at your local hardware store, and they are made in the USA.