Rope – One Of Mans Finest Tools

Rope – One Of Mans Finest Tools

Chris   December 16, 2008  
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acu_camo_and_black_paracord_survival_bracelet_1Rope is one of the greatest inventions of all time, and also one of the oldest. It is used for everything from sail boats, securing loads, or even for tying your shoes. If you ever watch survival shows like Man vs Wild, you can see how important rope can be if you are alone in the wilderness. A little bit of rope can make all the difference.

Survival Straps knows how important rope can be, and they have made it easy for anyone to carry rope around everyday. A specially woven bracelet made of 550 lb. paracord can be unwoven in an emergency to 15 - 20 feet of paracord. Then you can simply send it back, to be rewoven. If a bracelet is not manly enough for you, they also have watch straps, dog collars, rifle slings, and more.

There are also many other makers of Paracord Bracelets that can be found on eBay