RoboReel Wicked Awesome Automatic Cord & Hose Reels

RoboReel Wicked Awesome Automatic Cord & Hose Reels

Chris   April 04, 2012  
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Here at Tool-Rank we see a ton of really cool tools and gadgets but I never would have guessed that I would be writing about a cord or hose reel that falls under the category of cool. So what makes a cord or hose reel cool? The title might provide a hint.

I came across RoboReel the other day on the internet and boy was I impressed with their products. They make automatic reels for both garden hoses as well as extension cords. The main features for both include 360-degree head rotation and an automatic retraction feature that can be activated with the push of a button. The garden hose version also has features like water control from the hose, and timer settings with automatic retraction. The cord version has all kinds of safety features built in that protect against cut cords or overloaded circuits. You can even turn off the power from the end of the cord. There are even some mounting options available for the cord versions that make it well suited for shop use.

As we know, cool gadgets come at a price, so don't be shocked. The hose reel is not yet available, but the cord version starts at $389.00. At least it comes with 50-feet of 12/3 cord.


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