Pelican Mobile Tool Chest 0450

Pelican Mobile Tool Chest 0450 Hot

Chris   March 26, 2009  
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Pelican 0450

When it comes to storage cases that can handle the worst types of abuse, Pelican is the first name that comes to my mind. Used by everyone from the military to movie production crews, even small businesses and home users. I use a Pelican case to store my camera gear at home, because I know it will be safe from just about any natural or unnatural disaster it may encounter.

Pelican has a cool new mobile tool chest, the 0450. If your job requires you to take your tools on the go, this is the Pelican case for you. The 0450 was specifically designed for the military, and I doubt any of your own conditions could be worse. If you want to be sure everyone of your tools has its own place in the 0450, simply contact Pelican to get your tool drawers custom made. The Pelican 0450 cost around $500 Video after Read More

Pelican 0450



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