Homemade Dowel Making Jig

Homemade Dowel Making Jig Featured
Chris   August 15, 2012  
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Make A Dowel Maker

When you are working with exotic woods it is not always easy to find matching dowel stock. You might be able to find something from a specialty store online, but if you are in a hurry, good luck finding it at your local store. The best way to find dowel stock to match your project is to make your own

This homemade method comes to us from, and I like it because it is really simple to make and it can produce accurate dowels at the size you need. All that is required to make this jig is some hardened steel and a few drills bits. I will let you watch the video below and visit the authors site to get the full instructions, but the idea is that a large hole is drilled into the hardened steel and it is sized to match your desired dowel diameter. The curves created from drilling two smaller holes on the edge of the larger hole act as teeth to cut the dowel. Now all you have to do is cut some stock a little larger than the hole and use your drill to run the stock through the hole.