Dura-GRIT - Tungsten Carbide cutting for your Dremel

Dura-GRIT - Tungsten Carbide cutting for your Dremel

Chris   October 20, 2008  
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Dura-GRIT is one of those "ahhh" tools. Why,  because when I first saw the video of them in action, I said "ahhh"  They are basically tungsten carbide versions of standard rotary cutting and sanding wheels. The video shows you everything, so be sure to take a look.


They are a little expensive at between $10-$15 each, but if they really do everything the video shows, they are probably worth it. If anyone has used these, be sure to leave a review; I am interested to see what they can do. Another interesting product they sell is a carbide sanding disk for your random orbital sander. Maybe with the release of the new oscillating tools from Dremel and Bosch, Dura-GRIT will make some attachments for them. There is always hope.

You can purchase Dura-GRIT products directly from their website.