Cool Flashlight Uses Ultracapacitors Not Batteries

Cool Flashlight Uses Ultracapacitors Not Batteries

Chris   November 10, 2008  
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light for life
This cool new flashlight from 5.11 Tactical uses futuristic technology to power its amazing light source. Instead of using the very common and boring battery, they use chose to go high tech, and use ultracapacitors. These ultracapacitors can be fully charged in about 90 seconds, giving you 90 minutes of run time. You might be thinking there is some kind of trade off because of the quick recharge, but you would be wrong. The flashlight has an amazing max output of 270 lumen's for 15 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of standby. The most amazing part is this flashlight has a life of 50,000 charge cycles, which gives the flash light the very fitting name of Light For Life.


You can pre-order your Light For Life today for only $170. The price is actually quite low compaired to other flashlighs in the same category that last half as long.