Clamptite – The Wire Clamping Tool

Clamptite – The Wire Clamping Tool Hot

Chris   July 05, 2011  
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Need a hose clamp, but the ones you have are too big? Or maybe they are not big enough? The Clamptite might be the ideal solution to all of your custom hose clamping needs, or maybe just a cheaper solution for all hose clamping. The Clamptite is a fancy little contraption that allows its users to make custom hose clamps out of basic wire. This design also allows you to match the size and type to your needs. Needs a copper hose clamp? Use copper wire.

The Clamptite sounds like a really cool product, if it works as advertised, but how often do we really need to fix a hose. Well, the same tool can be used in other applications as well. You can used it to fix split handles on your hand tools, use it on the ends of rope to prevent fraying, use it to squeeze out the very last drop of toothpaste, etc.

For around $30 you can get the smallest Clamptite that can handle all of the tasks mentioned above. For larger needs like fixing split telephone poles, they have a model that can use wire up to 1/4" thick, and will cost you about $130.

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