Carpenter Makes A DIY Domino-Like Mortiser

Carpenter Makes A DIY Domino-Like Mortiser
Chris   March 28, 2013  
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Portable Mortising Router - part 1

I think we can all pretty much agree that the Festool Domino mortiser is one cool machine. We might not all need one, but we can admire the engineering and the capabilities of the tool. So how much more impressed are we that a Russian carpenter made a similar functioning machine out of some basic shop tools.

Using a Bosch Colt Router, some scraps of plywood, a few miscellaneous parts, and a lot of time, Alex K. was able to design and build his very own portable mortising machine. As he demonstrates in the video, his DIY mortiser has all the adjustments it needs for it to work on boards of differing thickness and angles. It can be used to do simple dowel joints, or you can set it up to do loose tenons like a real Domino. It even has dust control.

If you like Alex's homemade loose tenon mortise and/or don't have the cash for the real deal, you can pick up a set of his plans for only $11. Though be warned, it might be harder than it looks, and who knows how accurate it is.

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