Win $1200 Worth Of Your Favorite Tools

Win $1200 Worth Of Your Favorite Tools

Chris   June 17, 2009  
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Do you need tools, but are strapped for cash? Or maybe you're just too cheap to buy them for yourself. If you borrow more tools then you own, now is your chance to get some that you can call your own.

CPO Outlets, which sells certified pre-owned tools as well as new tools from all the major brands, is running a bunch of contests this summer. You could win up to $1200 to spend on CPO stores from most of the major brands, including Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee and more. Here is where it gets good... you can enter the giveaway for each brand, to increase your chances.

Here is how to enter. Head over to CPO Outlets, and click over to one of their different brand stores. Look for the Summer Sweepstakes banner or link in the sidebar, and fill out the entry form. Next, go to another store - lather, rinse and repeat. Good Luck