Festool Domino Tenon Joiner Sweepstakes

Festool Domino Tenon Joiner Sweepstakes

Chris   July 11, 2011  
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If I could afford it, the one Festool at the top of my list is the Domino joiner. The Domino takes the idea of the biscuit joiner, but instead of using thin football-shaped pieces of wood, it uses small wooden tenons that fit into a Domino-cut matched mortise. Tenons have been used for thousands of years so we know they are strong, and the fact the the tenons run perpendicular to your wood rather then parallel to it like biscuits, is sure to make a difference.

Festool is giving us a chance to win one of their Domino joiners as well as rather large assortment of their tenons (including storage Systainer). To enter, just head on over to and fill out the entry form. The retail value of the prize is over $1000. Be sure to enter the giveaway before it ends at 11:59p Eastern Time on 7/31/2011 11:59:00 PM