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Coming Soon: The Bosch REAXX Jobsite Tablesaw Gets A Release Date

Coming Soon: The Bosch REAXX Jobsite Tablesaw Gets A Release Date Hot
Chris   April 06, 2016  
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Coming Soon: The Bosch REAXX Jobsite Tablesaw Gets A Release Date

The wait is finally over, after months of delay due to some legal blocking from SawStop, the originator of the flesh-detecting table saw, Bosch has officially announced the release date of the GTS1041A REAXX Tablesaw to be June 1st, 2016.

Originally set to come out in Fall of 2015, the Bosch REAXX Tablesaw was unsurprisingly delayed by SawStop, who claimed for years that they had the flesh-detecting technology secured with patents, and they would sue to protect their intellectual property. 

Get them while you can?

As far as I know, the lawsuit between Bosch and Sawstop is still ongoing, and it reminds me of the fights between Apple and Samsung. So depending on how the case goes, could we see a judge block the sale of the Bosch Reaxx TableSaw? I sure hope not. Bosch seems confident that their own patents protect them, and they are pushing forward with their launch, though delayed.

What is the Bosch REAXX Table saw?

If you are new to construction or woodworking, you might not know about the Bosch REAXX Jobsite Tablesaw. If that is the case, I suggest you read our initial write-up about the saw and the technology it uses. 

In short, the Reaxx Tablesaw has built-in sensors that can detect if human flesh comes into contact with the moving blade and rapidly moves the blade out of the way to reduce the potential of serious injury to the user. 

The Bosch GTS1041A-09 REAXX Jobsite Table Saw will include a Gravity-Rise Stand and Outfeed support and has an MSRP of $1,400.

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