CNC Piranha Fx - Carve, Etch, 3D Print, & Copy From One Machine

CNC Piranha Fx - Carve, Etch, 3D Print, & Copy From One Machine
Chris   February 19, 2015  
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CNC Piranha Fx

The mechanics behind a CNC router, a laser cutter, and a 3D Printer are mostly the same, so why not make a machine that can do all three with interchangeable heads.? That is the idea behind the CNC Piranha Fx, a new project that is seeking funding on Kickstarter from the makers of the CNC Shark.

Normally when I hear that a project on Kickstarter is promising so much, I get a little skeptical. However, this particular project is brought to us by the makers of the CNC Shark, which is sold in Rockler stores. I really doubt they would put something like this on Kickstarter unless they could bring it to fruition.

Not only will the CNC Piranha Fx be able to carve, laser engrave & cut, and 3D print, there is also an optional accessory that can digitize(copy) existing carvings or 3D models. The CNC Piranha sounds like it would be a great solution for small business that don’t necessarily have the money or the room for separate machines.

The starting price for the CNC Piranha Fx Carving/Laser package is $1,999. The package including all 3 heads will cost $2,699, and the package including all the heads, plus the digitizer will cost $2,899. The Piranha Fx will be made in the USA and is expected to ship in June 2015.


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