Change the way you get organized with Twist Tubes

Change the way you get organized with Twist Tubes
Chris   August 20, 2014  
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Twist Tubes

Portable organizational systems typically feature some type of box with a lid, they might even have removable cups that make using one item at a time easier for the user. But what if there was a better way to get organized? What if the cups themselves had lids, and instead of a large storage case, these cups attached to a framework to join with other cups? That is the idea behind the Twist Tubes, a new project up on Kickstarter.

As the name suggests, these organizers are tubes that twist to open and close. There are two different sizes for big or small organizational needs, and they can be paired up with external holders to organize your organizers. There is a holder to mount the twist tubes to walls, cabinets, or peg board, there is a rotary organizer that turns your tubes into a ferris-wheel of organization, and there is even lanyard system that allows you to carry a few to take on the go.

Unlike many Kickstarter projects, the Twist Tube is not just a dream from a creator that might not ever happen. For 4 years creator Jeffrey Bean has been working on the Twist Tube organizers and he is turning to Kickstarter to get his product through the home stretch. Kickstarter

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