2016 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

2016 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide
Chris   November 13, 2016  
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2016 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

It is time for the Tool-Rank 2016 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide. Every year, we at Tool-Rank put together a list of tools or accessories that we think would make great Christmas gifts for the tool lover in your life. Many of these tools we have tested ourselves, but some of them we may have come across over the course the year and we think they are awesome or innovative.

The Christmas Gift Guide guide covers gifts in all price ranges so that you can find a great gift at any price. The orange next to each product title will take you to a store that sells the item. You can also take a look at our past Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guides to find even more awesome tool-related gift ideas. Also, be sure to check out our Hot Deals section to see if any of these tools are on sale.

Muck Daddy

Muck Daddy Hand Cleaner - $9 Muck Daddy

All hand cleaners are not created equal. Muck Daddy uses their own USDA Certified Bio-Based formula that cuts through grease and dirt without drying out your skin. In fact, their hand cleaner is said to actually repair cracked or dry skin. Read the review.

WinBag Air Shim

Winbag Inflatable Air Shim - $20 Amazon

Sometimes you need to pry or lift something with more precision than what a prybar alone can handle. This is where the Winbag Inflatable Air Shim really shines. Using the power of air, the WinBag can lift and hold up to 220lbs. It is perfect for lifting large appliances so you can level out their feet. On the job, it can be used to level windows or doors during installation. Read the review.

Nitecore Mt06 LEd Penlight Flashlight

Nitecore MT06 LED Penlight Flashlight - $24 Amazon

This little LED flashlight is about the size of a pen, which is why I always carry it in my pants pocket. Anytime I need light, the Nitecore is there waiting for me. Don't let the small size fool you, with two AAA batteries, the Cree XQ-E LED puts out 165 lumens of light. Read the review.

General Tools ToolSmart

General Tools ToolSmart Line - $40 and up. Amazon

These days everything communicates back to your phone, so why not your tools too? ToolSmart from General Tools is an affordable line of tools that sync up data, among other things, to your phone. This allows measurements and data to be more easily accessible for reference or conversion. Read the review.

Gorilla Ladders Hybrid Step LAdder

Gorilla Ladders Hybrid Ladder - $50 and up. HomeDepot

Standing on a ladder all day not only hurts your feet, it also does a number on your back; it's those small steps. Gorilla Ladders line of Hybrid Ladders takes the discomfort away by giving you a large platform to stand on. In addition, the upper section securely holds your paint bucket or tools. Read the review.

Porter Cable Restorer Drum Sander

Porter-Cable Restorer Sander - $100 Lowe's

The Restorer is a new tool that uses a selection of interchangeable drums to sand metal, wood, concrete, and more. It can be used to quickly strip paint or stain off of a deck, and then in a matter of seconds use a different drum to remove rust from metal. It is probably one of my favorite tools of the year. Read the review.

Bosch Starlock

Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool - $200 Amazon

Oscillating Multi-tools have become a must have tool for Tradesman and DIY'ers alike. Their ability to make plunge cuts in tight spaces cannot be matched by any other tool. The new Starlock Multi-Tools from Bosch features a new tool-less blade change mechanism that is the best in the business. Blades and accessories can be swapped out without even touching them, which is important because they can get really hot. Read the article.

Oxx CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker

Oxx Jobsite Coffeeboxx - $200 w/ coupon Oxx HomeDepot

Getting at good cup off coffee while spending a day at the jobsite is not an easy task, which is one of the reasons why Oxx designed the ruggedised Coffeeboxx K-cup coffeemaker. With its large 84.5 oz removable water tank, it can make coffee anywhere you can find an outlet. Use coupon code TOOLRANK15 to get 15% off of your order from Oxx. Read the review.

Milwaukee One-Key Brushless Drill

Milwaukee One-Key Brushless Drill - $350 Amazon HomeDepot

Milwaukee's One Key Brushless Drill is the smartest cordless drill on the market. Using your smartphone you can configure the drill to use custom drilling speeds and other customized settings for specific tasks. You can have it turn off if it tries to torque out of your hands. You can even locate the drill using GPS if it goes missing. Read the review.

Hitachi WH18DBDL2

Hitachi 18V Brushless Triple Hammer Impact Driver - $400 Amazon Lowe's

Not much has changed with cordless impact drivers over the years, until now. The new WH18DBDL2 18V Impact Driver from Hitachi features a new Triple-Hammer anvil. What this does is deliver more impacts per minute, and from my experience, it smooths out the impacts to reduce vibrations. Their impact also comes with new compact 3.0Ah Lithium Ion slide batteries. Their charger even features a USB port so you can charge your phone.

DeWalt Portable power station

DeWalt Portable Power Station - $399 w/o batteries $599 w/ batteries Amazon ACME Tools

The DeWalt Portable Power Station takes the power from four 20V Max or 60V Flexvolt DeWalt batteries and converts it to 120V AC current so that you can run your corded tools even when there is no power nearby. With 3600 peak watts and 1800 watts of continuous power, it can run even the most power hungry of 15 amp tools, like a table saw, miter saw, router, air compressor and more. It not just for work, though, I was able to power my home refrigerator off the Power Station. I should also mention that it will charge all four batteries at the same time. Note: The DeWalt Portable Power Station is not yet available (as of writing this), but it should be available before Christmas. You Can Pre-Order.

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