2014 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

2014 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide
Chris   November 03, 2014  
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2014 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

Since the Christmas shopping season seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year, I have to put out the official Tool-Rank Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide earlier as well. Every year our gift guide features some of the coolest and handiest tools that we have covered throughout the year. All of the tools listed in our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide would make a great gift for any lover or frequent user of tools. We have gift ideas to fit any budget, starting at only a couple of dollars and climbing up to well over $500. Most of the tools we have reviewed ourselves, but some we just think are cool.

As always, if you need more ideas, check out our past Christmas Gift Guides, our Editor’s Reviews, and the tools that have been chosen as a Tool-Rank Pick.

Tape-Ease Tape Measure Accessory HookTape-Ease Tape Measure Accessory Hook

The Tape-Ease accessory gives your tape measurer hook some extra holding power by increasing the size and grippiness of the hook. Once attached it can easily be hooked onto lumber, walls, bricks, stucco and more over long distances. Their pipe model makes easy to measure pipes or conduit. These are great for anyone that uses his or her tape measurer all day. $3-$4 BUY - Home Depot

Tape-Ease Tape Measure Accessory HookStudpop Magnetic Stud Finder

I have long said that using magnets to find studs is better than using electric stud finders; now I feel the Studpop is the better magnetic way to find studs. When the magnet in the Studpop slides across drywall, it will make a pop sound when it passes over a metal stud or the screw that is holding the drywall up. It is small and simple, and I like it. $10 BUY - Amazon

Makita Impact Gold Bits & SocketsMakita Impact Gold Bits & Sockets

Nothing is worse than having a screw bit break while you are trying to drive some screws in with your impact driver. Makita developed their Impact Gold line of screw bits and nut drivers to be strong, yet flexible enough, to withstand the torque that impact drivers provide, without stripping or breaking. $4-$25 BUY - Amazon

Klein MM500 Auto-Ranging Tough MultimeterKlein MM500 Auto-Ranging Tough Multimeter

The Klein MM500 is a super simple, no-frills AC/DC Auto-Ranging Multimeter that measures both resistance and voltage up to 600V. However, what makes it special is that it is also super tough; able to handle 10 foot drops onto concrete, as well as being water and dust proof. When you work in the harshest of working environments, this tool is designed to be working right also with you. $45  BUY - Amazon

Blaklader Bantam Kangaroo Tool VestBlaklader Bantam Kangaroo Tool Vest

Just because tool belts are the norm on jobsites around the country, it doesn’t mean they are the best way to carry around your most-used tools. In my opinion, the Blaklader Bantam Kangaroo Vest is a much better solution. Not only do I feel it organizes your tools better, but it is also a lot more comfortable to wear. $55 BUY - Contractor Solutions

Milwaukee Cordless LED Work LanternsMilwaukee Cordless LED Work Lanterns

This is the second year in a row Milwaukee LED Lights have made it onto our Christmas Gift List, last year because of their LED Work Lights, and this year because of their LED Lanterns. If you need high quality lighting that can handle jobsite abuse, you can’t really go wrong with Milwaukee’s line of cordless M18 LED Lights. $59-$99 BUY - Home Depot

Rockwell F50 Sonicrafter - RK5141KRockwell F50 Sonicrafter - RK5141K

There are a ton of oscillating multi-tools are the market today, but none of them can match the features of the new F50 Sonicrafter from Rockwell Tools. Featuring a powerful 4.0 amp motor and a wide 5° oscillating angle, it can cut and sand faster than its competitors. It also features built-in LED works lights and a tool-less universal blade change features. $119 BUY - Amazon

Cordless Heated Vests And JacketsCordless Heated Vests And Jackets

Every year it seems like more and more heated work wear options are released; each has a unique style and a battery that matches their own cordless tool system, but they are all great at keeping you warm. You really can’t go wrong with any of the systems, so I just suggest you pick one that matches a cordless system you already own. $99 and up. BUY – Amazon

Bosch GLM 100 C Professional Laser Distance MeasurerBosch GLM 100 C Professional Laser Distance Measurer

The Bosch GLM 100C Professional is the ultimate jobsite gadget, and it just so happens to be really useful as well, which is probably why I like it so much. Like any laser measurer, it measures over long distances using a laser and a sensor, but unlike the competition, it can connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth. With the App you can save the measurements or share them with the folks back in the office. $280 BUY – Amazon

Sun Joe iON 40V Cordless Mower - iON16LMSun Joe iON 40V Cordless Mower - iON16LM

A few years ago I never would have thought I would recommend a cordless lawn mower as a gift, yet here I am telling you that the Sun Joe iON would make a great gift. Why? Even though it is cordless, it does a great job at cutting grass and it doesn’t feel cheaply made. If you live in a area that gets snow, their SnowJoe snow blower uses the same 40V battery. $368 BUY - Amazon

Ryobi Tools 2200-Watt Gasoline Digital Inverter GeneratorRyobi 2200-Watt Gasoline Digital Inverter Generator

Nobody wants to lug around a big, heavy generator every time they need portable power, which is why I like the Ryobi RYI2200 Inverter Generator.  It is small, so it takes up less space, and it has built-in wheels so it can roll to wherever you need it. If you need to go off-road, two handles make it easy for two people to move it around. At 2200-watts, it has enough juice to power a fridge if the power goes out. $550 BUY - Amazon

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