2012 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

2012 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide
Chris   November 15, 2012  
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2012 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

I hope you have not finished your Christmas shopping yet. I bet most of you are like me and have not even started; you were probably waiting for the Tool-Rank Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide to come out first.

Hopefully our guide will make it easier to find great tool related gifts for the tool lovers in your life. If you still need ideas, be sure to check out our Christmas gift guides of years past; they are packed full of gift ideas that never expire.

The top link will point you to more information about the tool, the second link take you to a store where you can buy the tool.


Gifts $25 and under

Rockler Silicone Glue Application Kit

Around $15 Rockler

Tired of throwing out dried up, used, glue brushes? Rockler’s Silicone Glue Application kit allows you to apply glue like you normally would, but keep and reuse your brush. It is made out of silicone and is completely non-stick.

Mini Silicone Glue Brush From Rockler

Around $8 Rockler

Just like its big brother, the Mini Silicone Glue brush is non-stick; but its smaller shape better allows it to be used in smaller spaces, where the bigger brush would not fit.

Snagg RFID Tags Could Help Recover Stolen Tools

About $25 Snagg

Nobody likes it when their tools get stolen; the Snagg RFID kit could help you recover them. It uses the same chips that the vets put in our pets, and when a thief goes to sell your tool to the pawn shop, the shop can see that it is stolen.

Make Custom Tool Drawer Liners With FastCap Kaizen Foam

$14 - $22 Rockler

Kaizen foam can help you get organized. Put the foam in your tool drawers and cut it to make custom drawer liners. They have a few thickness to match your needs and you are only limited by your imagination.

GyroJaw Clamping Accessory Makes Clamping Odd Shapes A Bit Easier

$15 WoodCraft

Clamping weird shapes is not easy to do, but it can be if you have the GyroJaw. Its shape allows it to pivot and angle itself to align with your project and bridge between it and your vise. You can clamp those weird shapes with leaving clamping marks.

Kobalt 32-Piece Double-Drive Screwdriver Set with Bonus Pouch and Extension Bar

$20 Lowe's

If you are in need of more time, the Double Drive screwdriver might be able to give it to you. It has a cool geared movement inside that allows the tool to drive twice as fast as your typical driver.


$60 and under

Coast EAL20 LED Lantern

$28 Amazon

Want a gift for a prepper or a camper? This LED lantern might be it. It features variable light output option, red light mode, flashing emergency mode and more. The Lantern can put out a lot of light if need be, but you can also dial it down to last longer.

Coast HP7 LED Focusing Flashlight

$44 Amazon

Everyone needs a good flashlight, or maybe two; one for spotting things and another for walking down a path. The good news is the Coast HP7 is both in one. It features a focusable lens that allows the flashlights beam to match your situation.

Coast Rapid Response Knife 3.0 & 3.9

3.0 $28 Amazon
3.9 $28 Amazon

Can you fall in love with a knife? I think I did with the Coast Rapid Response Knife. These knives are very well made, comfortable to use, and super easy to open. The price is also very reasonable.

Crawford Storehorse 30-Inch Sawhorse

$32 each Amazon

There are sawhorses and then there is the Crawford StoreHorse. It is a bit more expensive than your typical Chinese made horse, but these made in the US horses will far outlast the cheapies. They are well designed to use and carry and I don’t think I will use anything else ever again.

Docks4iPods Turns Tools Into iPad Stands

$30 and up Etsy

Need a cool way to display your iPad or iPod? Check out these docks that are made out of tools, and parts. Docks4iPods has a number of different designs and they are all really cool.

LaSquare, A New Wide Base Combination Square

$35 and up LaSquare

The LaSquare is a simple improvement on the classic combination square. It features a larger, wider base that allows the tool to mark on square or even round pipe. It is a simple design change that makes a real difference.


WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver Unboxing And Test

$50 Amazon, Lowe's

 The Worx SD SemiAutomatic Driver is brand new and still might be hard to find, but it is one of the funnest tools I have used in a long time. The driver stores up to 6 bits on board and can switch between them by pulling back on the slide, just like a real pistol.

Blaklader Work Pants

$60 and up Amazon

Do you want some work pants that make working a bit easier and more comfortable? You need to check out Blaklader workwear. Their pants have built in knee pads and have room for plenty of tools, screws, and more.


$100 and up


Bosch MX30E Tool-Less Multi-X Oscillating Tool

$193 - $250 Amazon

Every year Bosch improves upon their oscillating tool, and this time around it got a boost in power and now offers tool-less accessory attachment. It is hard to beat Bosch on the price of compatible accessories as well.

Bosch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

$147 Amazon

I have used a number of different 23 gauge nailers over the years, but there is something about the Bosch 23 gauge that I just like. It feels good in hand and has a confidence you can hear and feel every time the gun is fired.

DeWalt ToughSystem Stackable Toolboxes

$50 - $180 Amazon

Getting organized and keeping mobile on the jobsite is not normally easy, but the DeWalt ToughSystem has changed all that. While their boxes alone are good, the complete system is great.

Uffy 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

$189 Uffy

Who is Uffy? They are a small company that makes really good nail guns. You might pay a little more upfront, but you end up with a tool that lasts; kind of like how tools used to be made.

Makita LXMT025 18V Oscillating Tool

$285 Amazon

Looking for a cordless oscillating tool? Makita has the most powerful one on the market. Now you can use this tool’s versatility on the go.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket

$150 - $190 ToolBarn

Milwaukee has come out with version 2 of their popular cordless heated jacket. It now features more heating zones, more jacket styles and more accessory options.

Channellock Code Blue Plier Set

$90 and up Amazon

Channellock has partnered up with another local company to make their new Code Blue tool grips here in the USA. Now you can be satisfied in knowing that the whole tool is USA made.

RoboReel Automatic Cord Reel

$280 RoboReel

There are a ton of cheap retractable cord reels on the market, but none of them seem to work very well. The RoboReel is more high-tech and appears to actually work.

Ariens 42" Compact Riding Mower

$999 HomeDepot

Looking for a small compact riding mower with good reviews? The Ariens 42" is the only one I could find and it has great reviews.

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