2010 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

2010 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide
Chris   October 29, 2010  
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2010 Christmas Gift Tool Buyers Guide

Hopefully, this gift guide will help you complete your shopping with less hassle. If you need more ideas, be sure to read our Christmas gift guides of years past. The lists might be old but they are still full of a bunch of great gifts ideas, many of them priced under $20. Hit the Read More to view the full list.

The first link will point you to more information about the tool, the second link takes you to a store where you can buy the tool.


Gifts $30 and under

The Smallest Pry Bar I Have Even Seen Some people like to be prepared for every job. Well, what if you need to open a crate? Around $5  CountyComm

ZipLit: The LED Light For Your Zipper Be seen. This small LED light attaches to your jacket zipper and produces a nice glow. $7 Amazon

The Hammer Bumper Carry a hammer or a mallet? How about a hammer that you can change into a mallet with a simple little attachment.

$7 Hammer Source

Extreme Bench Cookie Home Edition Rockler Bench Cookies have been updated. Now with raisers that can be used right in your bench dog holes.

Around $14 Rockler

Review: Channellock 6.5" 412 V-Jaw Pliers Review I just love how handy these pliers are. Pick up a pair and use them at work or at home. Around $14 Amazon - ChannelLock

Bosch introduces their new DareDevil spade bit line The best spade type drill bits I have ever used. They cut great and do most of the work for you. Sets around $15 Amazon

Wera Screwdriver Shows Its Flex This screwdriver gives you a bit of flex for those times you are working in a tight spot. Around $17 Amazon

C.H. Hanson Brings New Life To My Favorite Clamps Locking clamps and pliers that self adjust to the material size for you. Amazing. I don't know how they work, but I love mine. Around $20 Amazon

User Review Staple Jack Staple & Nail Remover by Nail Jack I haven't used these myself, but our winner of the Staple Jack giveaway has spoken, giving it a 5 out of 5.

Around $20 Amazon

Gear Keeper Retractable Tool Tethers Don't let your tools fall to the ground. Save them with a retractable tool tether.

Around $30 Gear Keeper

$40 - $130

Upgrade Your Pegboard Need pegboard that is strong... really strong? How about using metal? They even have slots for additional accessories.

Starts at around $40 Amazon

The Kerry-All All Weather Plywood Pouch Do you buy a lot of sheet goods? Then you probably need something to protect them from the elements. The Kerry-All pouch is like a kitchen zip-top bag, but for plywood.

Around $60 Kerry-All

Review: Johnson Glo-View 48” Level Review This level has the best vials I have ever used. They are easy to read at all angles.

Starting at around $60 Amazon

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener We all have knives,  and they could probably use a good sharpening. The Work Sharp has you covered.

Around $70 Amazon

Review: Dremel 8200 12-Volt Rotary Tool Review Dremel keeps topping themselves. Their latest rotary tool offers great features at a compact size.

Starting at around $100 Amazon

Review: Bosch PS21 12-Volt Pocket Driver Review When you want to go light weight, this Bosch pocket driver has the power you need.

Around $125 Amazon

Porter-Cable Announces Their 12 Volt Line. I have used their clamp saw, and I like it. The clamp feature is a great idea, and it works very well.

Around $130 Amazon


$400 & Up

SkydCable Keeps Your Tools Locked In Your Truck Are your tools safe in the back of your truck? Probably not. The Skyd Cable uses a retractable cable that locks and makes sure everything is secure.

Around $400 Skyd Cable

New 18-Volt Roto Hammer From Makita When you need to drill into concrete on the go, you need to go cordless. Makita's 18V rotary hammer is built on their great LXT cordless lithium-ion line.

Around $470 Amazon

New Bosch GCM12SD Axial-Glide 12” Miter Saw Bosch is taking miter saws in a new direction. Their Axial glide miter saw does away with rails, and uses two folding arms that offer smoother action and better stability.

Around $580 Amazon

Husqvarna Automatic Mower Sends Text Message Do you hate cutting your grass. This mower does all the work for you. If it runs into trouble, it sends you a text message.

Starting at $1,300 Automower

The Portable Carpentry Workshop On big construction jobs you need all your tools to be portable. This workshop houses all of your tools and acts as a cutting station.

$4,850 Rolling Trades

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